Period People: Simone Lehmann Plett

Your name - what should we call you?
Simone Lehmann Plett

What do you prefer - He/she/them or something else?

Your age:

What do you do for a living?
Freelance copywriter for awesome entrepreneurs and companies

Where do you live?
North of Copenhagen, Hellerup

When did you start menstruating (and stop, if you’re through menopause)?
Around age 12


What’s your earliest menstruation memory?
I think I was surprised that it wasn’t just thin blood coming out, you know like the old commercials with blue liquid, but also lumps of things I didn’t even know what was.


What words would you use to describe your feelings around your period those first period years?

I thought of it as sort of a hassle. Not something to talk about or be open about. Most of all just something I should learn to live with, not something I should embrace. Thinking about it, I don’t remember having any (major) feelings about my period. Most of the time I was just annoyed that I had to remember to bring sanitary pads to school and hide them inside my sweater on the way to the toilet.

My philosophy is kind of ‘if they are old enough to ask, they are old enough to get an answer’

—Simone Leehmann Plett

Have they changed? How do you perceive your period now?
They have completely changed. I'm actually quite grateful for my period now. It just makes me feel human. Like my body is doing its thing and I can let go of control.

How do you feel the days leading up to your period and during?
Emotional. In every way. Like my emotions are attached to my outer shell and can be triggered easily. I also feel like taking care of myself. Allowing myself to pause and rest.

*If you have kids, how do talk about periods or plan to talk about them with them?
My philosophy is kind of ‘if they are old enough to ask, they are old enough to get an answer’. So, I’ve been openly talking with my 7-year old son about periods. It’s important to me that both my kids stay curious and aren’t afraid to ask questions even if the topics are not always pleasant to talk about or I can provide the best answer.

What’s your go-to ritual on those first cycle days? Eating specific things? Cuddling? Cancelling plans?
Eating. Mostly sweets and especially milk chocolate. Also, a minimum of plans, soft clothes, warm baths and Netflix.

What’s your go-to period product?
Currently transitioning from disposable pads to re-usable period wear.

Finnish the sentence: “The world would be a better place for menstruators if only…”
we continue the conversation about periods and insist it's a topic worth media space



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