Period wear for period people

Flow is setting out to shift the market empowering you to choose re-usable instead of disposable.

We’ve got your back - and bottoms ♥

Introducing our period underwear

  • FLOW 1

    Flow 1 is our version of your favourite undies.

    They sit high at the waist, snug at the hip and with a mesh panel on each side to keep you cooler than you already are while ensuring a flexible fit.

    Flow 1 is made for moderate bleeding.

  • FLOW 2

    You asked for a lower waist - and we are here to serve.

    Flow 2 is the latest addtion to the Flow family - now ready for pre-orders.

    They're soft as butter, and made of primarily organic cotton and made for moderate bleeding.

Buy more, save more.

Flow comes in sizes XS - 3XL

Drawn in Copenhagen, Flow Intimates are made to make you feel you while bleeding

How does it work? Is it really leakproof? How many pairs do I need?

How it’s made. Get behind the scenes in our production

  1. Today is a great day to start a new habit

    Today is a great day to start a new habit. And though small in size together with you we can make an impact.

    Did you know that period wear produces more than 90% less waste across a lifetime of periods compared to pads?
  2. Period People: Simone Lehmann Plett

    Your name - what should we call you?Simone Lehmann PlettWhat do you prefer - He/she/them or something else?SheYour age:34What do you do for a livin...
  3. Honey, let's upgrade you.

    If you’re ready to make an even bigger shift in your habits, you’re in for a little treat.
  4. Period People: Sonia

    She/her Sonia just moved from Copenhagen to Allerød. Doing our shoot we we're in awe of her energy. Comfortable and like a pro! Like Ece she's an a...

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