• Gift: The ‘save and share with your bestie-kit’

Gift: The ‘save and share with your bestie-kit’

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Add a total of 10 pairs of Flow (that’s 5 pairs for each of you) of your preferred styles (you can mix and match) and sizes.

You’ll get the buy more, save more discount of 15% off plus we’ll include a BFF Care Kit for both of you.

The kit includes two wetbag, two small mirrors and some chocolate on the side, total value of 514 DKK. Offer ends May 15th 2023.

A wetbag consists of two layers. In our case, an outer bag made of cotton and an inner bag made of a waterproof fabric similar to the rainwear kids wear, which is kinda brilliant as you can just wipe it clean with a wet cloth.


All fabrics, aside from the light blue, are vintage fabrics made of cotton, some with embroidery on them.

The light blue is 100% certified cotton.


Waterproof fabric made of 65% polyester and 35% polyurethane with a Oekotex Standard 100 certification.


100% cotton

Thread used for logo:

100% polyester

The bag measures 16x18 cm and can contain 1-2 pairs of Flow depending on size and style.

If you have any questions please reach out to us on loveletter@flowintimates.com and we're happy to help.

We've got an FAQ too.