Flow Intimates ♥️ Blossom Project

Flow Intimates ♥️ Blossom Project

We've been dreaming of this for a while. Teaming up with an NGO with a clear purpose and a cause calling our hearts out. And we found it in Blossom Project.

Flow has begun a long term partnership with Blossom Project, a Danish NGO working for vulnerable women in Denmark.

Their vision is a world where all women have the opportunity to reach their full potential and to realize their dreams 

Blossom's efforts and different programmes are supporting marginalized women to experience and find their own sense of worth, strengthening their position and inclusion in society in multiple areas. Flow is proud to stand behind this dream, making it a tangible goal.

In this partnership we are putting all of our knowledge, our platform and our hands to work in order to strengthen their WeCare-programme, focusing on providing better possibilities for vulnerable menstruators living in the street, in crisis centers or shelters. 

Issues they are facing right now:

* limited acces to public restrooms to be able to handle their period in a dignified manner

* funds provided for the shelters and crisis centers are allowed to be used for toilet paper but not menstrual products. The shelters rely solely on donations to be able to offer their users a solution for their period.

* unsafe ways to care for their period using pads for too long, old fabrics such as socks they find in the street or diapers. This creates a risk for Toxic Shock Syndome or infections.

The WeCare-programme offers a small pouch sewn by volunteers, packed with donated goods such as a lip balm, menstrual pads, intimate wipes, hand sanitizer, hair bands. These bags are being donated to menstruators in need by Blossom. 

♥️ Cathrine, Founder of Flow


You can read more about the WeCare-programme here and don't miss out when we call for your help on our IG-account (and we do need it).

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