Honey, let's upgrade you.

Honey, let's upgrade you.

Hey honey,

How are your Flow 1’s working out? We would love to hear - both words on the fit and the absorbency.

We hope you are having the same ‘gamechanging’ experience as described by some of our friends. It’s one thing to avoid pads crawling up your behind, it’s another thing to know you are creating change skipping disposables for a reusable alternative.

And if you’re ready to make an even bigger shift in your habits, you’re in for a little treat.

We want to thank you for your support and commitment by offering you the same discounted price on our bundles had you bought a 3-pack or a 5-pack from the get go. This means there’s a little special offer for you if you want those two extra pairs in your drawer.

To get your hands on our super secret special offer link - send us an e-mail or slide into our chat 💌

From the bottoms of our hearts: Thank you for being a friend 🥹

Team Flow