How it's made

How it's made

Our number one priority from the get-go was to find a supplier with the highest ethics.

We’ve chosen a family owned factory in Turkey that is GOTS certified which means they comply with rules and regulations set out by the GOTS Control Union.
This certification is a guarantee of no child labour, regulated working hours, guaranteed vacation and several other things.

The loveliest married couple runs our factory. Mukkadder started it and later on, her husband Mahir started working there too. They pick up all employees in the morning and drive them home at the end of the day. A doctor comes and works from the facilities once a week so every employee has access to better health care. The factory is placed on the outskirts of a forest-like area, so you have luscious greens just outside the large windows.

They have a cat, chickens, a few birds and a little utility garden.
When we visited the premises we’ve been surprised by how tranquil it is. No noise, no yelling, no loud voices. It’s a stress-free workplace - just like our office in Copenhagen.

When we decided on Turkey as being the right country for our production, we made these considerations: 

1) The possibility for us to have the little intimates travel by roads instead of air, which is a better choice for us

2) The choice of a production country that is really skilled within the lingerie area (Turkey is!) 

3) The search for the right production price point; too expensive an end product = no one will buy. Too cheap = you begin to ask (right and critical) questions on whether or not things are done ethically. 

We just know it was the right choice. And we’re always looking forward to visiting them!

Flow is supposed to be a positive project creating healthy connections and opportunities for everyone involved in our company. 

Our own goal is to be certified as well; both GOTS and B-Corp (do we dare saying that intention out loud? Yes we do!)