• The Blood Splatter Mirror

The Blood Splatter Mirror

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Meet the blood splatter mirror. Made to make you feel you through self-examination. 

Have you ever looked at your vulva? Touched it? Self-examination is an important step to understanding your body and to grow even closer to yourself. It’s just as important as examining your breasts.

Your vulva changes during your cycle and with age too. Pregnancy too can change how your vulva looks and feels - same goes post birth. Anyone who’s given birth vaginally remembers the first time they took a look at themselves down there - better now than later as the thoughts and ideas of how it looks post birth is often worse than reality.

The blood splatter mirror was made in collaboration with The Minimono Project in Berlin. An über cool startup, like ourselves, giving new life to waste. They use upcycled HDPE plastics to create furniture for a life time. 

Every little mirror is unique - just like us.

Wash your hands thoroughly. Sit comfortably with your back against something, preferable a little laidback. Now pull your legs up, relax as much as possible in your thighs and legs. Breathe in, breathe out. Place the mirror against your pillow or hold it in your hands. 

Now take a look. 

The first things you’ll probably see is your anus, the perineum between your anus and your vulva. Your outer labia and maybe your inner too. And your clitoris up above. Just beneath your clitoris you’ll see the opening leading to your bladder.

Now add a little lubricant on your fingers, and you can carefully open up your labias and look at your vagina. Notice the colours, they might change a bit as you touch. Smell your fingers. Notice how the skin feels. This is you. Know that you are unique. No vulva looks the same and they’re equally beautiful.

An intimate self-examination is important to do regularly to get really acquainted with yourself. This will also help you notice changes over time, also the ones that might lead to a call to your doctor.


HDPE plastics are super durable and used both in the industry an in private homes for example to contain cleaning supplies and for toys. The plastics are cleaned, shredded and made into the sheets we cut from.

Glass is plexi glass so it won't break if you drop it like it’s hot.

All mirrors are different in their colorway.

Pilling can occur as every mirror is cut directly from the sheet and sent our way. You can easily remove the pilling with your fingers.

Self-examination, as a small tray for your favourite jewelry if you lay it flat, as small pocket mirror.

We have used Flow’s graphic elements, both the blood drop and the blood splatter for the two shapes.

The shapes have been twisted and turned on the sheets before they were cut out with a laser cutter, making sure we have almost zero waste left afterwards.

The blood drop measures: 11,5 x 7 cm

The blood splatter measures: 10 x 10 cm

If you have any questions please reach out to us on hello@flowintimates.com and we're happy to help.

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