• The Blood Splatter Mirror

The Blood Splatter Mirror

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Meet the blood splatter mirror. Made to make you feel you through self-examination. 

Have you ever looked at your vulva? Touched it? Self-examination is an important step to understanding your body and to grow even closer to yourself. It’s just as important as examining your breasts.

Your vulva changes during your cycle and with age too. Pregnancy too can change how your vulva looks and feels - same goes post birth. Anyone who’s given birth vaginally remembers the first time they took a look at themselves down there - better now than later as the thoughts and ideas of how it looks post birth is often worse than reality.

The blood splatter mirror was made in collaboration with The Minimono Project in Berlin. An über cool startup, like ourselves, giving new life to waste. They use upcycled HDPE plastics to create furniture for a life time. 

Every little mirror is unique - just like us.

A wetbag consists of two layers. In our case, an outer bag made of cotton and an inner bag made of a waterproof fabric similar to the rainwear kids wear, which is kinda brilliant as you can just wipe it clean with a wet cloth.


All fabrics, aside from the light blue, are vintage fabrics made of cotton, some with embroidery on them.

The light blue is 100% certified cotton.


Waterproof fabric made of 65% polyester and 35% polyurethane with a Oekotex Standard 100 certification.


100% cotton

Thread used for logo:

100% polyester

The bag measures 16x18 cm and can contain 1-2 pairs of Flow depending on size and style.

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