The Bottom Line: We want to enable you to make a better choice for yourself and our planet. We want to take part in shifting a whole industry, changing a mindset - from disposable to reusable.

As a company: We want to do it better too. We want to improve-  and we’ll continue to do so.

When starting out, we wanted this certification and that certification -we wanted to work only with recycled fabrics. That’s the exciting thing about starting something new- coming up with exactly those ideas.

Thinking big. Thinking loud. In the beginning, we did just that. We put all our dreams and goals onto paper in some sort of a road map.

This is the beginning - this is where we want to grow. Everything up to this point has been a balance of being able to sleep at night and challenging ourselves when it comes down to decision-making.

This is where we are today:


Our most important choice was to find a supplier with a code of conduct we could see eye to eye on.

Our supplier is GOTS-certified. You probably know that little green logo from some of your clothing. ‘GOTS-certified’ does not only mean the natural fabric (like cotton or linen) is certified organic, the certification also guarantees an independent certification of the whole supply chain.

When a supplier is certified, it means that there is a regulated minimum wage, no discrimination, a safe and hygienic work environment, decent and regulated working hours, the right to negotiate collectively and more.

This sounds like a bare minimum standard- but the truth is that it’s not in this industry- the clothing industry.

We’ve chosen to work primarily with organic cotton, polyamid, elastan and polyester.

These synthetic textiles are not our proudest choice- we do know they pose a challenge for the environment. But at the same time, making technical underwear is somewhat similar to making athletic apparel. You need fabrics that will minimize odour, that will transport moisture away from your beautiful body and that is reatively quick drying. The synthetics are great for that. And they’re durable!

But, back to the problem: every time you wash your clothes, they shed tiny pieces of fibres into the water.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with the good people behind Guppy Friend. We sell their little wash bag for your underwear so it holds onto the waste when you wash.

On a bigger scale, with the revenue from the Guppy Friend washing bag, the company supports their non-profit organization STOP! Micro Waste, which amongst other things teaches school kids and other groups how to avoid plastic and initiates local solutions for reducing, eliminating or recycling single-use plastic.

Being a small start-up we've been limited when choosing fabrics, but we will continue to develop better fabrics to minimize this problem and take comfort knowing that the use of reusable period wear stops the use of disposable pads, which contributes to the reduction of plastic somewhere else, on a bigger scale.

Though small in size, we are pretty ambitious when it comes to certifications. From the get go we knew we wanted to be certified -we want to be held accountable and we want full transparency in our work. We cherish high production ethics and high work ethics. I mean what’s the point if a company isn’t a healthy, supporting place? So we’ve just begun our journey towards submitting for a B-Corp certification. It’s a long journey ahead and it will take a year or or two to get there. But we will.

Even though this is the long haul and it’s pretty expensive to get certified, it’s our ambition. You buying and supporting us is helping us get there, big time!

As period people we want loads of options, right? Maybe you’re a cup person? Maybe you’re a disk person? Period wear? Tampons? Pads?

Every beautiful body out there deserves a choice of their own when it comes to finding the right period product for them.

That’s why we’ve chosen a size range from XS-XXXL - ‘cause we mean it when we say EVERYBODY. Period (with a small note: If we’re missing your size; please send us an email)

This wondrous world of ours consists of a million colours, shades, shapes and sizes. The same goes for humankind and we believe it should be pretty f*****g normal showing it all.

That’s why you’ll see different shapes and sizes wearing our underwear. Take part, show us your beautiful you using #periodpeople.

Size doesn’t matter, right? Even though we’re small, we believe in having a positive impact on different creative communities.

It can be a struggle always being the little one in the playground of an industry where bigger is always - not better but- desired.

That’s why we team up! Flow will do small collaborations with other small creative brands now and then. Some collaborations are more permanent, while some are ‘here and now’ and if you want to support, you better be fast. Thanks for the support!