Find my fit

Find my fit

We think that our underwear sizing is comparable with most of the undies you have in your drawer at home. Don’t size up, don’t size down. 

But you might need to get used to the snug fit. They’re not tight-tight, but they should feel snug on your hips - we want to make sure that blood doesn’t flow anywhere else than intended- in those briefs of yours. 

We’ve worked a lot on the form and fit of the briefs. The lines in front enhance your figure and the briefs are made to cut just below your bum so you don’t end up with four buttocks (even though you could argue that the more bum the better).

  • Ece is wearing a size S

  • Anne is wearing a size XS

  • Eldina is wearing a size L

  • Emma is wearing a size XL

  • Vega is wearing a size S

  • Sonia is wearing a size XXL

Choosing your right size shouldn't be difficult, but if you're into little details (like us), please review our size chart here. All numbers listed are centimetres.

But remember: our underwear is soft, stretchy and flexible when worn.

XS = 56 cm
S = 60 cm
M = 64 cm
L = 68 cm
XL = 72 cm
XXL = 76 cm
XXXL = 80 cm

XS = 77 cm
S = 81 cm
M = 85 cm
L = 89 cm
XL = 93 cm
XXL = 97 cm
XXXL = 101 cm

Height, front to back:
XS = 62.5 cm
S = 64.3 cm
M = 66.1 cm
L = 67.9 cm
XL = 69.7. cm
XXL = 71.5 cm
XXXL = 73.3 cm

Not sure what size to go for?