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We want to make your next period the best

About Flow Intimates

From day one, Flow's goal has been for you to feel like yourself when you bleed. This means that you do not need to put anything up in the vagina when you menstruate, but instead you can bleed freely.

And that also means you should feel NICE when you bleed - period panties feel like your regular panties; they just have an extra function “built in”; a bandage consisting of three layers, which directs the blood down into the panties, so that it feels dry in the top layer during the day. And an absorption layer that absorbs the blood. And finally a membrane so you don't bleed through.

We offer you a reusable alternative to pads and tampons that feels SO nice that you (maybe) even forget you're on your period (our community's words). Goals!
None of our briefs are "basic", and this is also one of the places where we stand out. We have created your Flows with an enormous focus on fit, function and aesthetics. A classic is to reach for the most worn panties in the drawer, just for your bleeding days. We want to challenge that.

You don't deserve to compromise just because you're menstruating. We are working on several parameters to enhance the whole experience of menstruating (it's about damn time, right?).
It's hard to make underwear - it's doubly difficult to make technical underwear. Especially when you are uncompromising. We want to create the panties you just LOVE. So much so that you (almost) look forward to your next period (true story from our reviews!).

We are a small company based in Copenhagen. We are ambitious and goal-oriented, we make an effort. We never sit back, but constantly listen to our community, and develop and innovate both in our materials and on our designs (Flow 1, our all time bestseller is now in its 4th edition).

From day one, our goal has been for you to feel like yourself when you bleed.

Meet Flows founder

I started Flow Intimates 3 months after my daughters birth in 2021. 3 months, that was the time my body gave me to adjust from pregnant to a bleeding woman again.

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