Our mission

You deserve not having to settle just because you are menstruating. Not with your style, not with your comfort.

Our goal is to make you feel you while bleeding. We want to give you an alternative to inserting anything into your body. Your flow actually wants to run free and you should let it!

Wearing our period wear is your chance to flow free. It might feel a bit *OMG* to begin with- like “should I trust my white jeans with these tiny pieces of fabric?!” but we’re here to tell you that yes, you should. We do.

In some ways we are actually taking a few steps back in period history - back in the day period people used fabric to contain their period. We’ve evolved the idea, given it a 2022 twerk and now you can go about your day - or curl up on your couch if that’s more your period energy. We want to make those briefs that you LOVE. Like really L-O-V-E! Almost-can’t-wait-for-your-period-love. 

They should feel snug on your hips, and you? -Safe and comfortable. They are not ‘basics’ in any way but made with such a great focus on  form, function and fit. 

You are the center of our universe and so is the planet. We really want to encourage you to make better choices. You’re not only giving your abdomen a break- if you are still sticking to those disposable pads, here’s your shot at making a real change. 

Period people will use approximately 11.000 pads in their lifetime (dependant on the amount of blood, when they start and stop menstruating and a million other factors of course). 

And that’s… a lot! Fill up your bathroom with pads. It would take up so much space! -Think about it. 

We have a serious challenge with landfill waste. We need to think circular; we need to think about reusing. And this is a first step to doing just that.

We are a small Copenhagen based company and we really notice how challenging it is to start something new. 

We’re met with demands for high minimum quantities and we’ve made the best choices we could, navigating through the start-up process with all the resources we have. We aim to make our product better. We are researching certifications. We are developing better fabrics.

By supporting us, you are giving us the opportunity to help create a better future.