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Learn more about our panties

How does it work

Flow's menstrual panties are made with an innovative built-in pad, consisting of 3 technical layers.

But technology cannot stand alone - we would not compromise on comfort.

That is why we have tested and developed continuously, in order to offer you the ultimate protection, without having to compromise on aesthetics or comfort.

Wash your period panties before using them

Soak directly in your panties when you have your period

Rinse the panties in the sink after use until the water runs clear

Wash with similar colors at 40 degrees and let them air dry

The absorbency of our menstrual panties

What can I expect from the absorbency?

At Flow, we are not really into to putting people in boxes - the designations in the industry that define when something is a light or strong flow are super relative and individual. Your absorbency needs can not fairly be determined only based on the amount of blood you bleed, - it also matters what texture and speed at which you bleed. And this can vary from day to day in your cycle.

Therefor, the drops on our packaging are more an indication of the absorption level, and for which amount they are tested in regular use. You should never bad, if you experience needing one type of absorbency on your day 2-3, and another of day 5. Likee with pads and tampons, it is common to need to change more often, on heavy days.

Here you will find an overview of the amount they are expected to hold.

We are confident to say that; they absorb more than most people think!

"Do your panties contain PFAS or biocides?"

We take responsibility

There is an increasing focus on persistent chemicals and other harmful substances in our clothing. Fortunately!
Read below for more information about harmful chemicals and why we don't use them.

We test systematically

Your menstrual panties from Flow work due to fabric weavings, not because of any chemicals.

All the fabrics we use are Oeko-Tex certified.

We don't use nano-silver or PFAS in our panties either. We systematically test all our panties for PFAS through a third party in Germany every other year.

In our latest test in 2023, we received the annotation 'No detectable levels' of PFAS and other biocides. This means there were no measurable amounts in the panties.

However, to claim 'Free of PFAS' is misleading. The unsettling aspect of PFAS is that these substances are everywhere in our environment. So, even though we haven't intentionally introduced PFAS chemicals into our panties, they may have come into contact with something that has PFAS on it."

What is the problem with PFAS?

PFAS is a group of so-called 'forever chemicals' that take a very long time to break down in nature. It is a chemical group that flourished in the 1950s and 1960s and has been used and appreciated for its effectiveness. It has been used in everything from kitchen pans to children's footwear. That way, you wouldn't get wet feet!

Some manufacturers have used PFAS in their menstrual panties to achieve a water-repellent effect.

However, forever chemicals are characterized by being environmentally harmful and harmful to humans, where they can accumulate in our blood, liver, and kidneys, increasing the risk of cancer and other health issues

What is the problem with silver?

Silver is used as an antimicrobial agent and is used in some menstrual panties to reduce odors.

However, scientists have increasingly warned about the potential health effects of using silver for this purpose.

The FDA has confirmed that nanosilver can help kill the healthy bacteria in the vagina (lactobacillus) that help fight infections. This can lead to a better environment for the harmful bacteria, which can potentially lead to a number of infections, abdominal diseases and pregnancy complications.

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