PFAS: We passed the test!

PFAS: We passed the test!

We had our whole product range tested for PFAS - and we passed! 

"Sum of PFOS and related substances - not detected" and "sum of PFOA related substances - not detected". 

You might have heard about PFAS (PFOA and PFOS both belong to the chemical group PFAS) or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances - a hazardous group of chemicals commonly referred to as "forever chemicals" as they take a really long time to break down. And because these chemicals do not biodegrade, they can build up in our bodies and interfere with our endocrine system as well as in nature and in animals.

Studies on PFAS chemicals show, that they over time “can cause reproductive and developmental, liver and kidney, and immunological effects,” according to the EPA, the American Environmental Agency. The Danish consumer council Tænk have suggested a complete ban on PFAS substances.

Why are they even out there? PFAS revolutionized parts of the industry and our homes. The teflon on our pots and pans made it easier to cook. Our boots could suddenly withstand heavy rain - it's even been used in makeup too to make your skin more glowy and smooth. PFAS is everywhere.

And yes, PFAS has been found in period underwear too. Some period underwear companies have used PFAS in their underwear as a stain- and water-resistant coating to protect the fabric. Just recently an ongoing lawsuit against one of the larger period brands ended - the company being held accountable, losing the trial.

We've been following this closely - first thing we did was double checking with our production. We never asked to use PFAS substances - and the answer was as expected, no PFAS substances was ever added. 

But this wasn't good enough for us. We reached out to Bureau Veritas, one of the largest companies in the world working with product tests and so sent our whole product range to their test lab in Germany. Passing with flying colours.

But we're still not going to claim we make "PFAS-free" underwear - that's an invitation to an expensive lawsuit, and our scientists told us, that it's technically impossible and misleading too, to state any product is 100% PFAS-free.

PFAS and flourines exist at microscopic levels everywhere. In every household, in the environment - products can contaminate each other. 

We are going to continue to have our products tested with Bureau Veritas and if you want to see our test results - please reach out to

♥ Cathrine, founder of Flow

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