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Swimwear developed in collaboration with Copenhagen Cartel

A beautiful period swimwear collection

About the collection

Bikinis that you can wear throughout your cycle

Get ready to get soaked but stoked - an innovative and absorbent swimwear collection born out of the wildest, creative energy between two female entrepreneurs. We call this collab 'a little stroke of genius'.

Your period should not be what holds you back from enjoying summer or sports in the water. This is why our swimwear is created for everyday usage, regardless of where you are in your cycle.

With our swimwear, you can safely embrace the sea, the pool or just your own backyard, while bleeding freely directly in to your bikini. Our design is not just a beautiful bikini that hugs your body, it's actually a bit of an engineering accomplishment. Our built-in absorbent pad and breathable membrane cleverly keeps the water out, and holds the blood in.

Cartel x Flow

About the collaboration

A natural friendship, a passion for entrepreneurship and a shared vision of uplifting everyone who bleeds, became the springboar for a playful and important collaboration.

With Katrine's dedication to innovating swimwear and empowering women's free movement and play in water and Cathrines ambition to break with stigma and shame around menstruation, this collaboration is a collision of power and ambition, that manifested as the swimwear collection of the future.

Swimwear you can use all month - even when you are on your period.

We can't wait to share this with you.

How does it work?

Our swimwear is designed with a built-in absorbent layer that traps and encapsulates menstrual blood. This layer is combined with a waterproof but breathable membrane that prevents you from bleeding through while swimming or sunbathing. The textiles are light and quick-drying, which ensures that you can move freely and feel dry shortly after being in the water.

After use
You bleed directly into the panty, rinse it and wash it in a washing bag at 40 degrees when you are ready. Absorbency is light to moderate. If you are a heavy bleeder, or are experiencing a heavy flow day, we suggest that you combine with a cup or a disc.