Frequently asked questions (or all you need to know about Flow Intimates)

In general, you should go for your regular size. However, if you are in between sizes, we recommend you to size up.

Be aware that they should be snug around the hips as they are supposed to hold fluids. If they are too loose, you might experience leaks. They will be less stiff with use.

That depends on your washing skills (or availability of a washing machine)! And of course the amount you bleed.

We think that three pairs is a good starting point, but five pairs is ideal

Depending on your flow, you might want to change morning, afternoon and night. Others make do with a morning and night change. That’s what we do; the period people at our little Copenhagen office. If you have the opportunity to use a washer between days, you can make do with fewer pairs.

FLOW 1 is for moderate bleeding, meaning they can hold 1- 2 tampons worth of blood. If you’re a heavy bleeder, you might prefer to use a cup and wear our period undies at the same time.

Ugh! We’re not too crazy about the term ‘leak proof’, ‘cause we ain’t no goddamn machine. It’s a body with blood flowing, not a leaky engine. However, we get the term and it’s pretty descriptive –so yes, they are leak proof.

The gusset consists of a top layer created to wick blood away from your skin, keeping you dry.

The middle layer is our hero; a towel like fabric that holds the blood (or other liquid; they are not afraid of a little urine).

And last but not least, a third layer is there to ensure the fluid doesn’t flow anywhere else, staining your bottoms.

Menstruating people have used linen cloths and plant fibres as reusable period products for thousands of years!

The first disposable pad didn’t even see the light of day until 1896. By recreating the reusable period product (in a way softer and more comfortable way), you could argue that we are actually going back in time. But we can guarantee that our period intimates are safer than leaves or banana peels.

Just like your regular underwear; keep it clean. Rinse them till the water runs clean. Wash them with an appropriate detergent, then dry them and they’re good to go.

When you’re ready to take them off (we know, so comfortable you could wear them for days - but you shouldn’t), you just rinse them in cold water until they run clear of blood and wash them with the rest of your clothes. With today’s detergents, 30 degrees Celsius is enough to keep them clean. The consumer agency TÆNK made that clear too!

Choose a certified detergent marked with the Nordic Swan for example if possible to spare the environment.

Don’t tumble dry them - it’s not the best option for the environment and the absorbent function will deteriorate too fast.

Flow was born three months after our founder gave birth for the second time- on the first day she had her period again.

After years of fertility treatments and speculation about her period (the wondrous period, a blessing and a curse - revealing both if IVF works and the starting point of every new treatment cycle) and then two blessed births, she hadn’t had her abdomen completely to herself since 2016. She felt like giving her vagina a break. No tampons, no menstrual cups. Free bleeding! But… without staining all her clothing.

Introducing: period panties. Gosh, the relief! No more fiddling around down there. And then she couldn’t find the product she wished for. Looking for something that played into her aesthetics - not settling for anything less than stylish just because you’re menstruating, - and something with decent production ethics.

For decades, we’ve had to use single-use pads stuffed with chemicals, dyes, perfumes etc. We’ve had to insert a ton of tampons which are actually a health risk (have you heard of Toxic Shock Syndrome or the disturbance of the natural and protective microbiome in your vagina?). Maybe even given birth once or twice? (Or three times or more - you deserve a lifetime supply of our period undies!). Period underwear gives you the opportunity to free bleed - without staining your bottoms

We chose to work with a GOTS-certified manufacturer in Turkey. A family run place with high morals and proper ethics.

The GOTS-certification regulates different areas aside from the production itself. This means, for example, that all employers have access to medical care and regulated working hours. Mukkadder and Mahir even pick up their workers at home and drive them home safely at the end of the day. Mukkadder says you’re not allowed to scream or yell, as it’s so important that the work environment is stress free.

They have chickens, two little pet birds and a turtle. They serve a great lunch (we know, we’ve tried it). To us they’re like an extended family.

When choosing the right country for sewing our intimates, we prioritized a consideration of the right production costs - we want you to be able to afford the undies so we can reduse the use of disposable pads together. We also prioritized the possibility of having our intimates traveling by road instead of the sky, an effort to minimize our carbon footprint.

You want to help shift an industry, choosing reusable instead of disposable.

You want to free your body and skip inserting anything into it.

You don’t want to clog your body and prevent fluids from leaving your body but let everything flow freely.

You want to feel safe on those days leading up to the first day of your period when you don’t know when your flow's coming.

Everyone! But especially:

People suffering from vaginismus; vaginal pain disabling them to insert period products into their bodies

People with a sensitive abdomen that is easily irritated
People experiencing smaller leaks during the day and night caused by incontinence for example.

Our period wear isn’t the world’s 8th wonder; they don’t last all day through a heavy period. How often you will feel the need to change your underwear during the day depends on the amount you bleed; which day of you period you’re on etc.

FLOW 1 is made for a moderate flow. On heavy days, you might want to combine them with a cup or change them multiple times a day compared to your lighter days.