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Bloody Clean, laundry detergent

Sale price149,00 kr

Menstrual panties can smell, regardless of brand. But instead of getting so-called "bacteria-inhibiting chemistry" in the panties, such as nanosilver or PFAS (read more under "How do they work?"), which are harmful to you and the environment, we have developed, with innovative technology and proven effectiveness, a very special detergent for your period panties, Bloody Clean, together with our nerdiest friends at Byoms.

Byoms develops detergents without harsh chemicals, without dyes and without enzymes, but with surface-active, plant-based ingredients and probiotics instead. It is so gentle that you can use it for your woolen clothes - and it can also effectively remove odors from your sports clothes.

Bloody Clean, laundry detergent
Bloody Clean, laundry detergent Sale price149,00 kr