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Guppy Friend vaskepose

Sale price219,00 kr

Microplastics are a real problem. It's everyone's problem! It's our planet's problem!

Microplastics stem from various places. They are shed from car tires, your sneakers, your clothes made from synthetics when used or washed and so many other places. But the Guppy Friend washing bag is a way to contain the microplastics when washing your synthetics in the washer.

Use this washing bag to filter the water, whenever you wash your undies. Once the washer is done and you remove your underwear from it, you can easily remove any fibers left inside the bag with your fingers. Put these fibers in the bin.

You can read more about our impact and goals for the future right here .

Guppy Friend vaskepose
Guppy Friend vaskepose Sale price219,00 kr