• Pre-order: Flow 2 - regular waist
  • Pre-order: Flow 2 - regular waist

Pre-order: Flow 2 - regular waist

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You asked for a lower waist - and we are here to serve.

Flow 2 is soft as butter, and made of primarily organic cotton. This style has been in the workroom for a whole year. Testing, trying, finding softer organic cotton, changing, fixing, cutting, new drawings, on and on.

When we started out our very first goal was to make period wear for period people. Not all who menstruate are women and we're aware. To us, this means representing different aesthetics too.

Flow 1 is hyper-feminine with its sensual mesh details and high waist. Flow 2 is drawing more on classic, masculine design traits like the fly in front.

These babies transcend all preconceived ideas on how period wear should look. They are s-o-o-o-f-t and so comfortable you might never want to take them off.

Still made with our signature logo waistband, great for a moderate flow and is ready for you to let it flow.

Expected shipping date: Beginning of December 2022. If you buy other products, we'll ship them all together.

Flow 2 is made for moderate flow.

But do you actually know how much you bleed? We rarely do (unless you're an experienced cup user) as a little amount of blood can look like a lot in the toilet for example.

Moderate flow in our terms is equivalent to 1-2 regular tampons worth 5-10 mL of blood.


Outer: 95% organic cotton - 5% elastan
Inner: 95% organic cotton - 5% elastan

Technical layers:

Top layer: 100% polyester
Middle Layer: 100% polyester
Membrane: 100% polyamid

Wear them, rinse them in cold water and wash them at 30 or 40 degrees alongside the rest of your clothes.

Today’s detergents are super effective, making it hygienic enough for you to wash on low temperatures. 

Don’t tumble dry them - it’s not the best option for the environment and the absorbent function will deteriorate too fast.

In general you should go for your regular size. However if you are in between sizes we recommend you to size up.

Notice that they should be snug around your hips as they are supposed to hold fluids - if they are too loose you might experience leaks. They will soften when used.

Check here to find your fit.

Drawn in Copenhagen. Made in Turkey.

We chose to work with a GOTS-certified manufacturer in Turkey. A family run place with high morals and ethics.

They have chickens, two little pet birds and a turtle. They serve a great lunch (we know; we tried it). To us they are like an extended family.

Read more on the How it's made page.

If you have any questions please reach out to us on loveletter@flowintimates.com and we're happy to help.

We've got an FAQ too.

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