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Sew along for WeCare

Are you ready to get to work?

On this International Women's Day we are getting together to do something important for someone else.

You might've already read about our partnership with the Danish NGO Blossom, who's working for vulnerable women in Denmark. Including homeless women, women who've fled an abusive home and sex workers (who are most often women).

Shelters and crisis centers are an important part of supporting these groups. But when it comes to their user's period, they cannot help. The shelters are allowed to spend governmental funds on toilet paper - but not on menstrual products.

The shelters rely solely on donations to be able to offer their users a solution for their period. That's why Blossom started WeCare - a program consisting of a little pouch, sewn by volunteers and filled with donated period products.

This little bag makes a huge difference. That's why we've teamed up with Johanne Kohlmetz , the #1 crafty girl in Denmark and author of several books that teach you the art of sewing and upcycling.

Together with her, we are encouraging you to sew with us.

You can easily download the guide HERE (in Danish though).

If you have any leftover fabric and a machine at hand - start sewing. We are aiming to produce 100 bags before March 31st 2023. And on that date we are inviting some of you to come pack the bags in our office.

You can drop by the bags you sew Monday through Friday from 9AM-3PM or you can send them to us:

Flow Intimates
Lykkesholms Allé 8B, 2nd floor
1902 Frederiksberg C

- you can send an email prior to coordinate to Katharina,

Let's do this!

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