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Løvens Hule

Part 3: The Lion's Den: "It's going to be awesome!"

Last and third part about the experience of being in Løvens Hule, written and narrated by our founder, Cathrine.

We had prepared for the teeth before the Lion's Den. Watch all the episodes. Researched all five lions as thoroughly as possible, now three of them were relatively blank leaves.

We entered the Lion's Den with the notion that Flow Intimates was the obvious case for Nordic Female Founders - and personally I had the feeling that I could learn an incredible amount from Anne's straightforward nature.

With three lions on hand, it was back to gut feeling, the rational consideration I had made in my preparations for the Lion's Den: Anne Stampe would be an ideal match for us.

- and a hand has been given to it! - in reality, it is not so far from entering into a marriage as it is to say yes to an investor. And usually you spend months getting to know each other. But not in matchmaking at speed, as it is in the Lion's Den.

Anne got up from her chair, "It's going to be damn good!". And with those words, we had come through! An hour and a half negotiation in the Lion's den. An energy discharge without equal.

We celebrated it in the Flow family - now the world can just start. We need to go out and create a new habit!


Cathrine, founder of Flow Intimates

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Del 2: Løvens Hule: "Det er simpelthen helt sort for mig..."
Løvens Hule

Part 2: The Lions Den: "...My mind went blank.."

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Løvens Hule: Anne Stampe invests in Flow Intimates

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