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Period swimwear

Bleed freely all summer

The softest period panties

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We want to make it easy - and transparent for you. That's why you can always mix and match our styles, colors and sizes while saving.

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Leak proof

Reusable product

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Breathable materials

Soft touch

Meet Cathrine, founder of Flow Intimates

Flow Intimates was founded so you can feel free - even when you're bleeding.

With Flow Intimates, I wanted to help change your experience of having your period - we've got your back and bottom. And welcome by the way, we're really glad you're here.

What you guys are saying about us

Yay! Huge credit to you by the way. Been using your panties for about 6 months now and they beat all other brands. Thumbs up from me!

I would say that your panties are the absolute best in terms of fit because the absorbent layer does not crackle or rattle in any way. So many make absolutely terrible noise. Yours are so good!

Thank you for Flow 1. They are both smart and beautiful. And I have to say WOW to the packaging, I love that all the information is just on the package and there aren't all sorts of extra labels. The box is so nice.

I love that the high waist just captures your little afterbirth parts, so you don't feel quite so unsexy. Only bought one because I just had to see what 'the hype' was about, but I'll definitely have more when my proper period returns.

I have become so happy with my menstrual panties from you, after I got a copper coil and am just getting to know my period again. I would love if you guys also came out with a pair of sleep-friendly period shorts.

I just bought a 3-pack to share with my girlfriends. They are GENIUS. Thanks for making them. It's great that they stay dry so it doesn't feel like you're on your period, they're easy to clean and they fit great. I really felt like I was getting a hug.

You don't deserve to compromise just because you're menstruating. Neither with your style nor your comfort ♥️

Our mission

From day one, our goal has been for you to feel like yourself when you bleed. We want to offer an alternative so you don't have to insert anything into your body. It must be allowed to simply bleed freely. It gets the opportunity to do that with our menstrual panties.

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It's okay to ask questions. Here's everything you need to know about Flow Intimates and how to use period panties.

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We've got your back - and bottoms

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Velkommen til The Bloody Hustle

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