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We are responsible

All the choices we make stem from an ambition to do better and take responsibility. It lies deep in the product we make, in our DNA, but also in the way we do business.

Our core is to offer you a comfortable alternative to disposable menstrual products. We would like to support you in making a better choice for you - and for the environment.
But we also want to help change the whole feeling around menstruation, from stigma to success.

We are continuously both curious and hungry to improve, and our product has been created together with you, and we will continue.

That's how it's been from the very beginning! And even if some options are not realistic for a startup, we dare say it out loud, transparency is key. "This is where we are and this is where we want to go". We always strive for the balance between being able to sleep well at night and challenging ourselves in relation to making the right decisions.

And here we are today: