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We want to start a panty revolution!

Our mission and goals

We have as much as we want! And here we have summarized what is most important to us, even though we are constantly developing and new goals are added.

Our mission - with you

We want to start a panty revolution - and we want you to join us.
There must be no more reaching for the most worn panties in the drawer for your bleeding days. Your Flows must be your favorite panty, and hopefully they help to enhance the whole period experience.

We promise to speak honestly, transparently and at eye level with and to you about both menstruation and production.

No more blue liquids in period ads, and we call things what they are.

Our mission - with our production

We created Flow because we couldn't find anyone who combined aesthetics, transparency and responsible production anywhere.

None of our panties are "basic". We have created them with a huge focus on fit, function and aesthetics. It's hard to make underwear - it's doubly difficult to make technical underwear. Especially when we are so uncompromising.

Flow 1, our ultimate bestseller and first panty, has been through several trials even after it was launched. We have, for example, made the waist a little bigger, the band in the crotch a little narrower on the larger sizes, found a stronger elastic for the waist - and several other small things.

We will always prioritize working with factories that have the same high standards as us. Close to home, that is. Turkey and Portugal. You must always ask for more insights.

Our mission - towards a better world

As a company, we must take responsibility. Here's where we step in:

Reusable products

Menstruating women use an average of 14,000 disposable pads in a menstrual life. Every year we produce huge amounts of waste - this forces us to think about recyclable alternatives. Your Flows are part of that thought.

Diversity + inclusion
We are a small, female-founded company based in Copenhagen. We are looking to create a company with a diverse board, and when we are looking for labor it is across gender, ethnicity, age.
We offer paid maternity leave for parents regardless of gender, a care day in connection with menstruation and menopause to give you peace of mind, and then we work flexibly so that there is room to be the whole of you.

For a year, we have gone through a process which can prepare us to apply to become BCorp certified. We expect to submit in Q1, 2024.

We regularly donate menstrual panties to teachers of sexuality and anatomy in primary and secondary schools, as we believe that menstruating women should be presented with as wide a range of products as possible, so that they can find what suits them.
Contact us by email if you are a teacher and want teaching material.

We work continuously with Blossom, which is a social humanitarian NGO. We focus on their project WeCare, which works to improve the conditions of menstruating women in hostels, shelters and on the streets. The only access they have to a dignified handling of their menstruation is through voluntary efforts and donations, for example through programs such as WeCare, where we collect donations and sew toilet bags.

Knowledge sharing
In 2023 we have held our very first Flow Festival. A 1-day festival with the strongest voices and experts in women's health, rights and cycles, such as doctor and researcher Henriette Svarre, biologist Ida Axholm and author Emma Libner. It wasn't the last time.
And in 2024 we are already working on something new, which we look forward to sharing with you.

We are never more than an email away - write to us if you have ideas or suggestions for how we can make it better.