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Menstrual panties for children and teenagers

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Buy more, save moreFlow 1 teen, moderate flow - blackFlow 1 teen, moderate flow - black
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Flow wet bag
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Save 86,40 krHappy Period Kit
Happy Period Kit
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'It's Just Blood (Your First Book About Menstruation)''It's Just Blood (Your First Book About Menstruation)'
Bloody Clean, laundry detergent

Flow Intimates' Selection of Menstruation Panties for Children and Teenagers

Flow Intimates' range of menstruation panties for children and teenagers is designed with special attention to the young ones' needs and comfort. These panties are not only functional but also comfortable and secure, which is essential during a time when young people are going through many changes. We have created a variety of products that can handle different levels of menstruation and ensure that young individuals feel confident and supported.

Variety of Fits for All Body Types

We understand that children and teenagers are constantly developing, and their needs can vary. Therefore, we offer a wide selection of fits and styles created to suit different body shapes and personal styles. Our goal is to provide every young person with a sense of confidence and comfort.

Safety and Protection at the Forefront

Our priority is to ensure that young individuals feel safe and protected during their menstruation. We use materials and designs that are tested for safety and effectiveness. This ensures that our products provide the necessary protection and comfort, which is crucial for young people during their menstrual cycle.