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The production

About the production

From the start, we prioritized finding a manufacturer with high ethical standards.

We have chosen a family-owned factory in Turkey that is GOTS certified, which means they comply with rules and regulations set by the GOTS Control Union.

This certification is a guarantee that no child labor takes place, that there are regulated working hours, guaranteed holidays and a lot of other things.

At the head of the factory is the sweetest married couple. Mukkader established the factory in her time and later her husband, Mahir, also started working there. They pick up all their employees in the morning and drive them back home when they are off. Once a week, a doctor comes to the factory so that all employees have access to medical care. The factory is located on the edge of a forest-like area, so there is plenty of greenery right outside the large windows.

They have a cat, a turtle, chickens, a couple of birds and a small utility garden.

The times we have visited the factory, we have been surprised by how quiet it is. No loud noises, no shouting and screaming. It is a stress-free workplace - just like our office in Copenhagen.

When we had to decide whether Turkey was the right country for our production, we had these considerations:

1) We would have the option to have the little panties shipped to us via road instead of air, which is right for us.

2) We would find a manufacturing country that is skilled in lingerie.

3) We searched for just the right production price: If the final product is too expensive, no one will buy it. If it becomes too cheap, it (rightly) gives rise to critical questions about production and working conditions.

Turkey is the perfect choice for us. And we always look forward to visiting the factory.

Flow must be a positive project that creates healthy contacts and opportunities for everyone involved in our company.

Our own goal is also to be certified, as we as a company want to be held accountable. Therefore, we have taken the first baby steps towards being able to submit an application for a BCorp certification. We expect to submit our application in 2023.