How big an impact am I making?

How big an impact am I making?

Did you know that period wear produces more than 90% less waste across a lifetime of periods compared to pads? Yeah, that's a lot.

Here's a few facts on how the math was done (check out the Consumer Council's article here):

The average person will have periods for 40 years with an average of 13 periods per year.

Waste created per product:

  • You will use around: 25 pads per cycle (7g per pad)
  • You will use around: 25 tampons per cycle (5g per tampon)
  • You will use around: 6 pairs of period wear with an average product lifespan of 3 years (50g per panty)
  • You will use around: 1 period cup with an average product lifespan of 5 years (30g per cup)

That's a lot of waste! And this really does exemplify that you can make a big difference by just making a small change.

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