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Menstrual swimwear

Menstrual swimwear

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Menstrual swimwear

Welcome to Flow Intimates, where we take a step further into the future of swimwear with our new line of menstrual swimwear. This innovative swimwear is created to give women and menstruating individuals the freedom to enjoy water activities with confidence every day of the month. Our products combine advanced technology with stylish design to ensure that you never have to compromise on comfort or appearance.

What is menstrual swimwear?
Menstrual swimwear is designed with a built-in absorbent layer that captures and contains menstrual blood. This layer is combined with a waterproof but breathable membrane that prevents leaks and discomfort while you swim or sunbathe. The fabrics are lightweight and quick-drying, ensuring that you can move freely and feel dry shortly after you have been in the water.

For whom?
This swimwear is for anyone who wants to maintain an active lifestyle without interruptions, even during menstruation. It is especially ideal for those with sensitive skin or those who prefer not to use internal menstrual products such as tampons or cups. Whether you are a professional swimmer, a water sports enthusiast, or just enjoying a relaxing day at the beach, we have designed our swimwear to meet your needs.

Practical benefits
Our menstrual swimwear offers a range of practical benefits. Firstly, it is extremely easy to maintain. It can be machine washed and dries faster than traditional swimwear. Secondly, it is discreet – no one can tell that it is menstrual swimwear, as it looks like ordinary designer swimwear.

At Flow Intimates, quality is one of the cornerstones of our product development. Our menstrual swimwear is made from the highest quality materials that not only feel luxurious on the skin but also maintain their function and appearance over time. We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint, and therefore we choose eco-friendly materials and production processes wherever possible.

Style and design
Our collection of menstrual swimwear comes in a range of different styles and colors to ensure that there is something for everyone's taste. From sporty swimsuits to elegant bikinis, each model is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. We want you to feel beautiful and comfortable, no matter where your day takes you.

Customer satisfaction and support
Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us at Flow Intimates. We understand the importance of having reliable and supportive products that can accompany you through all aspects of your life. Therefore, we offer extensive customer support and easy return policies to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with their purchases.

Sum up
With Flow Intimates' menstrual swimwear, you can take control of your menstrual cycle and rediscover the joy of water activities. Freedom, comfort, and style go hand in hand with our carefully designed line, ensuring that you never have to compromise. Visit our webshop to explore our different models and find your perfect swimsuit. Whether you are going on vacation, to the beach, or just enjoying the sun by a pool, our menstrual swimwear is the ideal solution to ensure that nothing holds you back. Choose Flow Intimates for effortless style and unparalleled protection on the days when you need it most.