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Menstrual panties for children and teenagers

You deserve the best start with your bleeding

Have you had your first period? Or do you go and wait for it? It can feel new and exciting the first many times it comes - but also overwhelming.

Our mission is to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your period. You must have the opportunity to feel like yourself - without compromise - even when you have your period.

Menstruationstrusser til teens og børn

Our first period panties for teenagers are created so that you can be you - even while bleeding. Whether you're going to school, to sports or hanging out with friends.

Your period shouldn't be what's holding you back (unless that's exactly what you need - your bed and a cup of hot tea <3 ).

Menstruationstrusser til teens og børn

Why should I use period panties?

Menstrual panties are great for those of you who have your first periods. There are no health risks like with tampons and they don't curl and crack like pads can. They feel like your other panties - and they look like it too. No one can see that you are menstruating.

You can move freely while bleeding directly into your panties, and when you need to get a new pair, just rinse them in cold water and wash with similar colors (or have someone help you that).

We are so excited for this little panty and for your period! Getting your period is something we should celebrate. It's your body's way of showing that it's working, and also a little help to practice listening to your body's needs and getting to know your cycle - it's a lifelong but amazing process.

What does menstruation feel like?

Menstruation can feel in many different ways, and you may even find that it feels different from time to time.

It can hurt your stomach or lower back when you have your period, you may experience that your body may feel a bit foreign - but it should never feel embarrassing! Talk to a friend, share your experience, listen to others.

What you worry about, there are guaranteed to be others who do too. And it can feel so nice to share - and feel seen and mirrored by others. So use your voice. You are the best you in the world.

Every month, a new lining forms on the inside of your uterus. When an egg is not fertilized, your uterus will make small muscle spasms to get rid of the old endometrium - and it will come out as menstruation; a mixture of uterine lining and blood.

The cramps can be experienced as painful to varying degrees.

PS: If something doesn't feel right or normal ('normal' is a broad term, by the way) - ask a friend, a parent or another adult ally (or us!)

You can also talk to your health nurse or your doctor if something worries you.

Tips for menstrual cramps

Do you experience cramps and tension during your period? Here are 4 loving tips to manage the pain


Heat can have a soothing effect. A heating pad on the stomach, or at the lower back, can do wonders for the cramps. Otherwise, try a warm bath or snuggling with a warm blanket.

Another good idea might be to wear warm socks as you actually have an acupuncture point just below the ankle which is directly linked to pain relief during menstruation. It is activated i.a. by heat.


We know it well. It might seem counterintuitive to move when all you want to do is crawl under the covers and curl up. But calm movements release endorphins in the brain, and this can reduce pain and tension in your body.

Go for a walk, do gentle stretches on the floor or take a trip to the swimming pool.


Now you have a really good excuse to ask your friend, your boyfriend or your carer for a massage!

Gentle touch causes the brain to send lots of the love hormone, oxytocin, into the body - and this helps with pain. So massage can reduce pain.


Eat good and nutritious food. The less hungry you are, the better you can handle if your body hurts. Although it can be tempting to eat a large chocolate bar.

Some find that anti-inflammatory foods have a relaxing effect on the uterus. It can be fatty fish, coarse vegetables such as broccoli and berries such as blueberries and raspberries