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Løvens Hule

Part 2: The Lions Den: "...My mind went blank.."

Part 2 about our participation in Løvens Hule(The Lions Den), told by Flow's founder, Cathrine.


We were prepared. We had researched all the lions - read interviews, listened to podcasts with them. Now we sat in a medium-sized rather empty room with wall-to-wall carpets and waited. A hot summer day in August.

"Flow, we are ready for you".

When is the last time you can undo it? We were taken into the large studio, which is much bigger than it looks on TV. We got a brief; "up the stairs here... down the stairs there... Stand at the intersection here and there...".

We were asked to wait behind the scenes. Heard the Lions being brought in. Anne and Louise's voices. The chairs that scraped across the floor. Showtime!

Up the stairs, down the stairs. It went! Eye contact with all the lions. Got it. "Hi Løver! My name is Cathrine Wichmand and I come from Flow Intimates. I am looking for 350,000 for 5% of my company" .

And then the pitch began... And what you don't see on TV is when my mind went blank. Completely blank. I got halfway through the pitch - and then I didn't remember anything. My hands were shaking. Tahir politely asked, "...Would you like a glass of water?". Yes please. "My mind is completely blank", I stammer. There are no words in line. And no one to help me get started.

Minutes pass. And several more.

I breathe deeply, several times. We'll start again. One word at a time. And just as the last word has left my lips, the crossfire begins.

Standing in front of five lions in the Lion's Den is like taking an exam with five examiners without a teacher on your side to help you. They are tough and used to pitches. They are there to make good television. And they quickly sense where to insert the knife - if required.

But hey, it's going well. I can answer most things. We laugh. "It's the best invention since the wheel!"

But then: the bidding round. What if no one wants to invest? Or I can't count or think at all. Tahir is quick to volunteer. Then comes Louise - and Anne at the end. Nikolaj is considering until the end - but I think I lack the strategy for foreign countries.

I have prepared for all scenarios. But not one where I get the same offer from all investors, and then it's time to turn around, and get approx. 30 seconds to think. 

I do that 3 times - turn around. Stare down at the calculator. The head spins so that it sings to the ears. I have no idea what to press on the calculator. So I breathe - and remember the feeling in my stomach. When my mind was clear during the preparations for this, I knew who we wanted on board.

Stick to yout gut, right? I turned around - said the name of Flow's wish...

You can read which lion Flow brought home right here:

Cathrine, founder of Flow Intimates
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